Atlanta Art on the Rise

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Piece by John Kuhenbeaker


Artists in Atlanta have been working hard and these five individuals have stood out from the rest. Some have received prestigious awards for their critically acclaimed pieces and have some pieces resting in upscale art galleries across the nation.


  1. John Kuhenbeaker

John Kuhenbeaker began his art career in high school when he started selling his doodles, or “Space Jams” as he liked to call them. He studied commercial art for one year but realized it was not right for him. He changed his major to illustration and graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia. Setting out to be a freelance illustrator he discovered he had a rare eye condition in which he needed contacts. The ability to clearly see his work allowed him to improve exponentially. “I think the most important thing I have realized is that paintings should be fun and entertaining all this after having won a few awards for more traditional stuff.”

  1. The Meyers Chandlery

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“I try to create something that doesn’t take away from the organic imperfections of the material, but simply enhances it with thoughtful, detailed designs.” The passion lies within these details. The feeling you get when you recognize the smallest of personalization on a piece and know it was handcrafted especially for you is a feeling like no other. This unique art style and medium offers art that is personalized and organic.


  1. Josh West

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Josh West’s abstract art style includes intense colors and intense contrast. “Abstract art allows me freedom to be me and to see something beautiful in the most random things. Color is life to me.” Josh says he has always had a “different” creative mind ever since he can remember. His abstract art allows the viewer to create their own perspective based on their own imagination and creativity.



  1. Samantha Castillo

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This self taught visual artist from Dawsonville, Ga uses vivid colors and an impressionistic style to complete her stunning masterpieces. The fact that she is self-taught is shocking considering her skill level and her potential. “Wishful thinking and the world around me” is where she finds her inspiration.



  1. Shoney Dee

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Shoney Dee’s unique style includes impressive realism and incredible work with the brush. The uncanny shadows included in the work give it an unbelievable realistic look and adds to the great color and details. Shoney’s inspiration includes education, love, music, and beauty.